Monday, January 28, 2013

To find success as a nanny:

Much like that of writing, I receive mixed reactions in response to stating that I work as a nanny. Some are delighted and impressed, while others seem... worried or bored in a way that intrigues me. This is nothing new, as I've dealt with it in response to stating that I am a writer for a few years now, as well. Ever since I chose to declare my major as Professional Writing in college, I've experienced the various responses... but most commonly, the recurring lack of faith in ability to be successful.

One extreme, underlying commonality of writers and nannies is that of not only passion, but of wholehearted compassion. To be a writer, one must know the amount of work that lies ahead on the road to success, and the same is certain for a nanny. This is because both positions-- as professions-- are more than the typical 2+2=4 skill-wise. As a writer, you have to prove that you can weave words in a way that your readers will truly enjoy, bringing success to the company or publication for which you write. The same is true for a nanny-- you must prove your ability to not only care for a family's pride and joy-- their whole world; their children-- but you have to show them that you will do so in a way that is from your heart, not just for the money.

The bottom line is that for both a writer and for a nanny, the job is not [only] about the money you will make. The job is about the passion that is necessary in order for the person responsible for the job to be successful. If you do not love to care for children, why on earth would you be a nanny? Very similar to writing-- if you're not interested in creating articles about certain topics, why would you choose that as your profession? You simply wouldn't.

To find success as a nanny requires a great amount of love, patience, creativity, trust, maturity, efficiency, problem-solving skills, and willingness to get a little silly, and to get your hands dirty, and to take on the terrifying responsibility of being the spider squasher. Because, believe it or not, the four-year-old prince or princess that you care for is likely to be far more scared of eight-legged monsters than you are. This is a tiny anecdote based entirely on experience, just FYI, and I hate spiders.

So, while it may have the potential to produce frustration when I receive hasty grins at the statement of my dual professions, I choose, instead, to smile sweetly in response, for I know it's just due to a misunderstanding. There is much more to being a nanny than just playing with a child. You are serving as a member of a family-- a member that is part-parent, part-friend, part-sibling, as well as part-partner for the parents raising the child. It's a multi-responsibility role that involves a lot more than what the surface may tell, and that's part of the fun and enjoyment of the job. To be welcomed in as part of another's home; to assist in the raising of a child, and to bring something to the family that they hadn't previously had-- that is what it it means to be a nanny, and that is why I have chosen to pursue this passion alongside of writing.



Monday, January 21, 2013

Welcome to!

Your All-Write Nanny consists of weekly posts about what nannies can do with children in regards to creativity and engaging in brain-stimulating activities, as well as establishing healthy habits early on. Meant for both parents and fellow nannies alike, my hope is to provide helpful and insightful information with each new post.

I currently work as a full-time, weekday nanny in Beverly Hills, CA for a family with a nine-month-old baby boy, and I've been with them ever since I made the move to California just over six months ago. Previously I worked full-time as a nanny for two families near my hometown in Michigan, where I cared for two children in each family-- both with little tikes of the ages two and four years old-- on alternate days of the week.

The truth is simply that I love to care for children; it is something I am entirely passionate about and have been ever since I can remember. If I could go back and tell my 12-year-old self that I am now a nanny in Beverly Hills-- the best location; the place of my dreams-- I can't imagine how excited I would be. Little-kid-on-Christmas-morning squeals and shrieks of amazement might even be an understatement.

I am also delighted to say that with my other passion-- which is writing-- I have attained a Bachelor's degree at Grand Valley State University as of April 2011. With that, I have been working as a contracted writer for multiple publications, organizations, and companies-- freelancing while I nanny. To combine the two is a dream come true, and I am more than pleased to to be of service to you as I do.

With that being said, questions and requests are more than recommended-- they are encouraged! Please feel free to interact, and I will be more than thrilled to do the same in return. Readers are everything to me, because without them, I would have no reason to be the writer whom I am today. :)

I will also be contributing to parenting publications such as and TheBump, and I will provide links to those pieces as they are published via posts on here! As I wrap this first post, my wish is to wholeheartedly welcome you to Stay tuned, and enjoy!


Brittney Schering