Monday, February 11, 2013

Let's Get Festive! Valentine's Day Week Fun: Crafts, Cookies, and Heart-shaped Everything!

I spent Valentine’s Day last year the way that I've spent every weekday lately— nannying! Back then though, I was with my favorite two and four year old near my hometown in Michigan. 

We made heart-shaped everything from crafts to quesadillas! We also used one of their gifts from me—a massive book of hearty Snoopy stickers— to create a sweet, serendipitous project that is to be framed and displayed in their house soon. Their mom was so pleased by it!

What could possibly be that cool? Well, I did not know she would think that it was so great, as it was a very random, “Hey let’s do this!” thought process that came as a result of knowing these little ones love to slap stickers onto anything.

Here is what we did! First, I lightly wrote each of their names— Rylie and Christopher— on large pieces of white construction paper with a black, ballpoint pen. I told them to follow the lines [not expecting they actually would; keeping in mind that they are only two and four years old] with the stickers from their new sticker books. This was the result (after I outlined the stickered letters with a Sharpie).

Pretty impressive considering their incredibly young ages, huh? I would say so! Later in the afternoon, we made jumbo-sized, heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies, topped with chocolate frosting, and of course, multi-colored sprinkles. Note to self: Never take eyes off of Rylie [4] when baking. Five seconds of being turned from her resulted in a wrist-deep frosting dive. Whoopsies! 

When 4:30 rolled around, it hardly felt like a nine-hour workday. It was a Valentine’s Day well spent; I had so much fun with the little ones! I always do, but Valentine's Day just felt extra special with all of the crafts, activities, V-Day love, and hearts everywhere!

This year it will be a bit different because I am caring for a babe who's just shy of 10 months old, but we will still be as festive as we can with copious amounts of the color red in the form of foods and clothing and perhaps a trip to the toy store across the street from our favorite place: Starbucks! Okay maybe that's just my favorite place. ;)

Happy Valentine's Day Week!!



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