Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Babysitter? Blasphemy. A-Z Challenge Day 2.

That's right. Blasphemy.

Word of advice: Don't refer to a nanny-- one who cares for a family's child[ren] on a regular basis-- as a babysitter. Why? Well you see, a babysitter is an occasional caregiver who comes to relieve the parents when they have an event to attend or just need a night out.

Not only that, but a babysitter is typically quite young-- preteen to college years-- or elderly and retired. A nanny, however, tends to be one on the brink of a career with a degree or two, working at getting a job in his/her field, and working as a nanny to pay the bills.

Emphasis: A nanny's job is a consistent, professional service that indeed pays the bills. A babysitter's, however, is not. Your 13-year-old cousin can babysit, you know.

El dia DOS of the A-to-Z Challenge is upon us!
Enjoy the abundance of B-topics :)


Brittney Schering
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