Wednesday, April 3, 2013; A-to-Z Challenge Day 3

There's this lovely organization called that I'd like to feature for Day Three of the A-to-Z Challenge. Not only feature, but also to thank, because it's through that I've been hired for each and every nanny job I've ever had from Detroit, MI to my current position in Beverly Hills, CA. is an extraordinary aid in helping families find caregivers and helping caregivers find jobs. As a nanny, I swear by it!


Brittney Schering
Your All-Write Nanny


  1. Popping by from the A to Z Blogging Challenge x

  2. I couldn't find your "D" or your "E" post but I happily found the "C" post. is worth checking out!
    Dani @ Entertaining Interests

    1. Hey Dani! Thanks so much for the comment! Perhaps we are on different time zones, because I got your comment at 4:23AM this morning (Friday)! hehe :) Yesterday's "D" post can be found here: and I've yet to post on "E" yet, but I will as soon as I'm able! Have a great weekend, chica! Checked out your 'Entertaining Interests' & loved it! :)