Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for Eat; A-to-Z Challenge Day 5!

E is for Eat, because eating is the act of consuming food which is fuel for energy we need to get through each day. [Just, you know, in case you weren't aware... ;)]

As a nanny, you need a heck of a lot of energy just to do that. Trust me.

Today, I felt so beyond drained after work... and during work, and before [like, upon waking] that it got me thinking. I need to refurbish what I've been eating. The little riddle we all know rings true, "You are what you eat," popped into my head. SO I asked myself, what have I been eating this week? I'm usually tired by Friday, but not to this extreme!

That's when I had my 'ah-ha' moment. You see, I get on food-kicks, and some weeks it's really good, and I swear I'm going to turn into a clementine or a carrot because I can't stop eating them. Other weeks, like this one, it's bad, and I feel as though I might turn into a French fry. Or macaroni & cheese. Because I can't stop eating French fries. Or macaroni & cheese.

This week, I've consumed fries probably 3-4 times in comparison to my typical 1-2. That's not okay. That's why I feel as exhausted as I feel.

You are what you eat!!! Learn from me. Check yourself; get right with your fuel-- for it's your very source of energy, and we all need energy. :)

Have a great weekend!


Brittney Schering
Your All-Write Nanny

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  1. Hi Brittney,
    agree, you are what you eat. Sometimes is easier to eat unhealthy food, but I always try to compensate. If it's only one week, it's ok.