Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Freedom by way of Faithful Fearlessness; A-to-Z Challenge Day 6

The only way to free yourself is to find your heart nestled into faith. I once wrote an entire blog post on this, where one particular line I crafted has rang true over and over, serving as a true motto-- one that I find myself repeating in my head when I feel my footing start to become unsteady, my heart unstable.

You see... to be free, one must be fearless. To be fearless, one must be faithful.
With faith in God & yourself, find fear in nothing. Free yourself.

Find freedom in faith that God's Love will carry you through each passing day.

And to be honest, while I know I ought to, I'm still learning how to. I think we all are. And that's the beauty of it--- helping each other find the strength to put faith in God, and to be fearless; to free ourselves. 


Brittney Schering
Your All-Write Nanny

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