Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for happiness. Simply that. A-to-Z Challenge Day 8!

Everyone deserves to be happy.

I think what we forget is that happiness is not only a choice-- it's our God-given right. So, if you're not feeling fully happy for one reason or another-- change it!! Take that reason, and rearrange it so that whatever may currently be wrong can soon be gone or made right. You deserve to smile truly from the depth of your heart; we all do.

Happiness is underrated, and I think it's about time we do something to change that. Look to the little ones-- children everywhere-- and how blissfully unaware they are of all that makes us sad. Let's take a hint from them; it's simple, really. If you want to be happy, simply BE. Put a smile on your face, and say, "I'm choosing to be happy today." The following is a beautiful reminder of how to be happy.

The photo below is of me from last Friday night, blissfully choosing to be 100% happy. I, too, need to work on staying mindful of the quote above, because it really does ring true on all accounts. Choose happiness; you deserve it. We all do! :)


Brittney Schering
Your All-Write Nanny

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