Thursday, April 18, 2013

P is for passion; A-to-Z challenge

Passion is the very thing that drives me to dream out loud and seek the best of success that I can muster amidst my imagination's realms. My whole heart is in that which I'm passionate about, and so it's without a doubt that I say my ultimate passion is writing-- but not just any writing. Living to write; writing to live. Loving to write, and writing with love. Oozing it out with each word woven; each sentence structured; each continuum crafted-- all with immense, undying passion.

My passion is to write in a way that connects with readers, giving them a positive experience, all the while providing them with knowledgeable information to better their lives in one aspect or another.

I love to write in a way that moves people. That empathizes with them. That provides a feeling of hope, of encouragement, of motivation.

To write in a way that positively affects my readers, providing them with a nudge of optimism through whatever it may be that I am writing about, is my absolute passion. It is what I wish to excel in, to make a career of-- it's how I wish to be remembered.

Passion gives breath to life everyday. Its pulse brings the beat of my heart to rhythm with that which I write, always.

So please tell me; what is your passion? I love to hear what sets fire to other souls, as listening to people's stories provides pure encouragement, inspiration, and motivation, as well as a dash of fresh perspective, and I love that, too. :)


Brittney Schering
Your All-Write Nanny