Friday, April 19, 2013

Q is for Quintessential

Quintessential. A word that has a lovely ring, but it doesn't always resonate with me.

You see, I want traditional life things;
Love. My own family. A cozy place to call home.

But I've never seen myself as one to go about them as "by the book" as others will and have and do. Especially where I'm from, tradition carries a good majority through their lives without experiencing much outside of the comfort bubble in which we all grew up-- a tiny town where nothing exciting ever happens; nothing ever goes wrong.

I couldn't stand to stay in a stagnant town, although now that I am gone, I do appreciate it as a solid foundation, a great place to grow up and establish morals, values, etc. It was wonderful for that. Extraordinary, really. Especially being that I live in the city of Los Angeles now-- I see so many others who didn't have that luxury of growing up in a small, yet intimate town of love and life where everyone knows everyone. Growing up amidst one huddled community-turned-family; it's beautiful.

I never knew how rare it'd be-- looking back-- and how lucky I was to have grown up like that. How lucky I am to have spent my childhood years in the tiny town I once despised and could not wait to get out of. The town that now that I'm out, I feel the urge to visit frequently. To see my friends and family, and to be surrounded by genuine love, which I miss so much.

It's so rare. That genuine love.

Quintessentially, the life plan is a bit different than that which mine as been. I did, however, finish out school and get my Bachelor's degree, without taking any time off. In fact, shortly after writing the 'Breaking Point' post above, I enrolled myself for the summer semester to finish quicker-- and graduate sooner. It seemed like a better alternative to taking time off. Most of my friends back home have children already; they're married, or they're settled, or they're set in staying there.

Not me though. I wanted to get out and experience life. I wanted the ocean. The City of Angels. To pursue my crazy dream of living by the beach and living to write; writing to live, and living in love. To live somewhere that I can walk to wherever I need to go-- I've never been a fan of driving, and living in New York City turned me into a major fan of public transportation. That, and I love to walk everywhere as much as I can.

In reference to living quintessentially though, I don't think I do. I prefer an unconventional lifestyle, and that's what I've been living out. Still, there are those few traditional elements that I wouldn't mind throwing into the mix of my crazy life. I believe I will soon do that... it's all in a matter of time.

The family that I interviewed with for an evening/weekend nanny position yesterday-- they're unconventional in the way that I like to be, and I think we will 'click' on that similarity if I am presented with the opportunity to take the job. I adored their home, and their spirit; they are so happy. Again-- time will tell. We shall see :)


Brittney Schering
Your All-Write Nanny

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