Saturday, April 27, 2013

X is for "X0" because...

...while "X0" is not technically, according to Mr. Webster, a word, I consider it as such. It's more of a.. well, it's my signature. I sign almost every [informal] piece of writing with "X0.Brittney;" always have and always will. It's 'my thing' you know?

And it's tattooed on my collarbone, above my heart.

Not for fun, but for meaning, and to show true significance. A love and devotion to my childhood, my upbringing, my roots-- my family. My mom, particularly. She always listens to country music, and my little brother and I grew up listening to it.

There's one particular song that always rang true by Trisha Yearwood, where the lyrics say, "She ties her hair up in ribbons and bows; signs her letters with x's and o's, got a picture of her momma in heels and curls... she's gonna make it in her daddy's world. She's an American girl."

That's me. Those lyrics are my life. That song is my childhood. X0 is my signature. You'll find it on my personal blog, and if ever I send you a personal [not to be mistaken with "Best," which is what I sign for all things professional, such as this here platform].


Brittney Schering
Your All-Write Nanny

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