Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, NotYourAverageNanny.com!

So, it's been a year since the birth of NotYourAverageNanny.com. Simultaneously, the business is booming as my email inbox is filled with new inquiries daily. I've had more interviews for part-time/occasional/temporary nanny jobs in the past three weeks than I've had pretty much ever, and it's exhilarating. While I still wish to focus on writing, there comes a time when a company you work for becomes no longer worth dealing with, and you have to part ways.

The whole "Let go or be dragged" quote rings so very true here. I absolutely loved working for the company I wrote for full-time because it was awesome to write for multicultural news everyday, but here I am on January 14, still awaiting my check for November AND December, and beyond-livid is an understatement so much that this flood of nanny opportunities is more than a blessing. It's an absolutely perfect miracle.

While I am still writing for the marketing company, travel agency, and empowerment nonprofit, my full-time job being no longer there has freed up my schedule substantially, though it still weighs heavy until I finally receive the outstanding payments which were my main income, and a hefty amount to be without.

I am taking this time to fully embrace the return to a lot more nannying than I've been doing lately. I believe working with children fully affects my 'level of happy' because I love it so. While writing is my absolute passion that I cannot live without-- I exhale words so much as I inhale caffeine-- it always feels like something huge is missing when time goes by where I am not working as a nanny. I just love it! That's all there is to it. Who's to say you can't have two passions? I think you can have as many as you wish to, and as many as you need to make you feel alive. I certainly need the act and art of caring for kids in my life, and that's become quite evident as of late.

As my inbox has refilled this morning, I am now presented with more than 20 options as far as nanny jobs, and I couldn't be more blessed in that regard. My hope is that I'll find a way to help out every family in need. By the looks of it, that might not always be possible, but it is my hope that I'll figure it out. This has always been my problem-- telling people no. I just have the hardest time doing it, and I don't like the idea of letting anyone down, especially when it comes to writing and caring for little ones.

Two weeks into 2014, it is January 14th today, and I am fully aligned with my center and in complete peace and realization with where I ought to be at this time. I am so excited for what is to come in the remaining 351 days. ;)

*Once a nanny, always a nanny.*


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