Monday, January 27, 2014

Hotel Nanny Status

So, I've recently started to do more nannying for families visiting LA from around the globe. This is fun because I stay at their hotel with their little ones while the parents can go out and have a nice evening to themselves while on vacation, or if they're here for business purposes-- to attend a meeting or expo. Doing so, I've become acquainted with a few of the City of Angel's finest hotels [and secret spots, too!]. It's been quite fun.

Along with that, I've got a growing list of occasional and date-night nanny gigs, as well. My resume is looking quite nice, and I hope to only see it grow more as we delve further into this new year! :)

My most recent background-check status can be viewed below, as well. 

If you know of anyone staying in LA who is looking for a nanny, please feel free to send them my way! I am always reachable via email at Thank you!!

All the best,


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