Tuesday, October 21, 2014

November is drawing near!

As the month of November draws near, we at Not Your Average Nanny Magazine are excited to announce that our next issue will be about all things thankful and grateful. We want this next issue to ooze with gratitude and warm-fuzzy feels galore. That is where you come in; we need your help!

What are you thankful for?

Please comment below or send a tweet to @allwritenannyLA with what you are grateful for, using the hashtag #gratefulNYAN. Please feel free to attach photos, quotes, anecdotes-- whatever it may be that you'd like to share that you are grateful for. Please know that this will be shared in our next issue, which you will receive a free print copy of for having contributed!

Thank you so much, and we will look forward to reading and publishing your thankful thoughts!

Your All-Write Nanny,


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