Thursday, November 6, 2014

November issue awaits; NYAN t-shirts, too!

Happy November! As we approach the first Friday of the month, we've got a few exciting things to share with you all. First, here is the link to the November issue of Not Your Average Nanny Magazine! Please grab your print and/or digital copy, and enjoy "The Grateful Gobble" issue!

Next on our list of exciting things is our t-shirt campaign that kicked off just last night! Just 31 days remain to purchase a t-shirt (or two!) in support of Not Your Average Nanny Magazine. The cost involved in creating such a niche magazine is rather hefty, and our editor-in-chief would be so grateful [keeping in line with our November theme] to receive any and all help in curbing that which she's already invested [upwards of $2,000] in the last eight months since having established NYAN.

From the trademark filing fee [nearly $500 with $200 more due in March], to printing costs [each print issue costs at least $10 to make], shipping & handling fees [international], and providing all 22 writers as well as numerous photo contributors with free print issues of the magazine, the investment of NYAN has been well worth every penny, and we hope to further expand with the new year just ahead. But to do so, we will need your help!

Please click here to purchase an official, limited edition NYAN t-shirt! Available in sizes starting in children's XS all the way to adult XXXXL, there is a t-shirt for everyone-- hey, even your dog!

The way that we see it is simple-- we have your back! Please wear us on yours. By doing so, you will be helping us out SO MUCH, by leaps and bounds, and for that, we cannot thank you enough. Plus hey, you get a really cool shirt for a really cool cause, and it's the first of its kind, so in a way, you're contributing to an important moment in history-- a premier childcare magazine crafted by nannies, for families-- complete with a detailed, international sitter/nanny directory.

Please believe in us, and we will not let you down! The future is bright for NYAN so long as we can gather the funds to take that next step! 

Your All-Write Nanny,


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